It's like my first day of school

It's like my first day of school

About me Sections are always so damn difficult to write but here goes.

I guess this is made slightly easier by the fact that some of you will already know me as "English Literature Graduate Robert", semi-finalist of MasterChefUK 2015. Or the really tall one from MasterChef 2015. Or the arrogant one who put John Torrode's salad in a bowl on MasterChef 2015. In any case that's one side of me.

Having graduated the University of Sussex last year I am now holding down a job in a restaurant in East London and hoping to move into food writing and journalism (anyone with any potential offers reading this will be welcomed with open arms). 

Outside of food I am an avid football fan and season ticket holder at West Ham United (for all of my sins in a past life), occasional guitar player, gin enthusiast and frustrated golfer.

Social Media things

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